Why Go For Bespoke Signage?

Why we choose bespoke designs for our signage and vehicle graphics

The choice of graphics and typography says a lot about your company’s corporate image.  For a funeral directors, you expect to see subtle graphics and a dignified typeface.  With a day nursery, colourful graphics and a jolly typeface seems to be the norm.  We at Sign Tech could be total megalomaniacs and say to Client A, “you’re having a tightly kerned Helvetica Bold typeface”.  Or to Client B, “those adorable teddy bears suit your window graphics”.  We are not like that.  With our bespoke approach, we work around your corporate identity design.

If every day nursery from Belmont to Breightmet and Kearsley had the same teddy bear graphics, Boltonians would be forgiven for thinking “only one company owns Bolton’s day nurseries”.  Bespoke signage is about creating a look that enables you to stand out from your competitors.  Before we go to press with your new vehicle graphics, shop signage or window graphics, we shall discuss your requirements.  If you want teddy bear graphics and the Comic Sans MS typeface, that’s fine by us.

In your initial meeting with Sign-Tech, we encourage you to share your designs.  Bombard us with sketches; suggest typefaces; tell us where to place your corporate logos.  Once we’ve done that, we can go through the printing process and, where necessary, help you to get planning permission.

For a takeaway food shop, we can help you with shop signage, and the vehicle graphics of your delivery cars.  We can also work with a variety of materials, whether you need a modest acrylic plaque or two-pack vinyls for twenty vans.

If you have any queries, why not call us on 01204 866124 or fill in our quick contact form at the bottom?  Then we shall consider a suitable time for your initial consultation (all quotes are free and on a no-obligation basis).

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