Safety Signs Manchester

Every business must install appropriate safety signage to comply with existing Health and Safety legislation to keep their workforce or members of the public safe from potential hazards. It can often be a complex area of signage yet within the legal framework there is still a great deal of flexibility for businesses to have signs customised to suit their particular requirements.

At Sign-Tech we have been providing Greater Manchester and Lancashire in the north west of England with superior quality safety signs since 2006 and have the experience needed to assist and guide any business in selecting accurate signage.

Customised Safety Signs Manchester

Many of the safety signs that must be displayed by law can be customised as regards design and size but usually adhere to a strict colour coding. Signage for fire safety and first aid must both be white on a green background whilst fire equipment is highlighted in white on a red background. Warning signs are black on yellow.

Wording can be customised but a single word such as ‘caution’ or ‘warning’ is frequently sufficient to indicate whether the danger is low or high. Signs do not always have to be large to be effective as directness of message and high visibility is far more important.

Our experienced customised signage team can advise on all the elements your signage requires in relation to its location and the level of risk involved.


Choices Available For Safety Signs

Using the most appropriate materials for manufacturing safety signs is as important as the messages they convey. Busy garages or factories will often have hazardous substances such as oxyacetylene canisters and acids or solvents that require robust and dependable signage that will withstand a degree of corrosion and the wear and tear of the workplace.

Vinyl sticker signage is usually adequate in areas such as washrooms. Even retail outlets within the prestigious Arndale Shopping Mall in Manchester will frequently need to display temporary signage warning the public of potential hazards posed by maintenance procedures or glass breakages.

Exterior signs for Manchester’s famous Oxford Road or tourist attractions such as Manchester Cathedral or Blackfriar’s Bridge need to be particularly robust and weatherproof to provide long lasting reliability.

Safety Signage

Whatever your requirements for safety signs in Manchester or Lancashire Sign-Tech has the expertise to advise you on all the elements you need for accurate high quality safety signs.



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