Effective Vehicle Liveries with Vinyl Graphics

How vehicle liveries can be transformed with vinyl graphics

Everybody remembers a good vehicle livery.  If you were a Bolton child of the 1960s, maroon and cream meant Bolton Corporation Transport buses.  Then came SELNEC’s orange and white livery, not liked by all at the time, but neutral enough for what became a Greater Manchester wide identity (instead of using one of its constituents’ vehicle liveries).  This was followed by the white, orange and brown livery of Greater Manchester Transport, introduced in November 1980 (six and a half years into its operation).

One thing the early bus liveries had in common was the time each bus spent in the paint shop.  On the 26 October 1986, bus deregulation came, and cost cutting led to the widespread use of vinyl graphics.  Today’s vehicle liveries use vinyls as standard: for example, FirstGroup’s latest livery isn’t possible without vinyl.  Likewise with GMT’s other successors and competing operators.  The same is also true with car and van fleets.  With Sign-Tech Visual Solutions, your cars or vans can benefit from the same pizazz as the bigger companies.

Full colour, with short lead times

One of the best things about vinyl graphics is the short turnaround time.  This enables anyone from sole traders to multinational companies to add effective vehicle liveries to their fleet in no time.  What’s more, you can send us your company logos (to a minimum resolution of 300 dpi) and we can transfer them onto our large format printers.

We work with a number of clients in public and private sector enterprises.  From decorators to airport transport providers.  Our clients include the Manchester Airports Group (for its airport transfer buses at Ringway), Kingsmill, and several businesses in and around Bolton.

Why go for vinyl vehicle liveries?

As well as economy and effectiveness, flexibility is good for vinyl liveries.  This allows for easy updating, should your business change hands or merge with a competitor.  If you wish to change your corporate branding, adding fresh vinyl graphics is faster than a trip to the paint shop.  The amount of typefaces available at our disposal also adds variety.

Due to the flexibility of vinyl graphics, they go beyond the role as a vehicle livery.  They become a mobile advert for your company.  The Kingsmill lorry could get you thinking “I need to pop into Morrisons for a loaf”; or a Wetherspoons lorry reminds you of the fact that today is Curry Club day.

If you have any queries, why not call us on 01204 866124, or fill in our quick contact form at the bottom?  We shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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