How Does Car Wrapping Work?

What is Car WrappingCar wrapping is a brilliant way to totally customise your vehicle without altering its market price in the way that a new paint job does. With car wrapping, you can give your car a whole new look for less, cover it in adverts for your business, or give it a garish leopard print design without scaring away new potential owners when you want to sell it. Here, you can learn about what car wrapping is and how it works.

What Car Wrapping Is

Car wrapping involves taking a special film that is printed with your desired design and applying it to your vehicle. The effect is the same as getting a new paint job for your vehicle but with one crucial difference – the wrap is not permanent and can be removed easily, leaving your vehicle as good as new.

We all know how difficult it can be to sell on a car in an ‘unpopular’ colour like lime green, let alone a van that is plastered with promotional material. But, with a vehicle wrap, you can customise your car to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you are not jeopardising any future sales.

There are various materials available to use for creating vehicle wraps, but vinyl film is the most popular and the most highly recommended by most garages. This film is durable and easy to apply to most existing paintwork. It is also quick and easy to remove, and can be used both for long term wraps (used for several months or even years) and for shorter wraps that are ideal for promotional campaigns that are just planned to last a fortnight.

Finding The Car Wrap That Works For You

There are plenty of options when you decide to get a wrap for your car. A full wrap will completely cover your vehicle in the new design, for example, whilst a partial wrap may just cover the front bonnet, or the whole back half of the car. You can opt for slogans, patterns, colours and more to wrap your vehicle with, so don’t be afraid to get creative and emblazon your vehicle with all the colours of the rainbow if that’s your heart’s desire.

Cars are not the only vehicles that can be wrapped in this way – wraps are also available for vans, lorries, and motorbike, to name just a handful of the other options that are out there. Your vehicle wrap should be both installed and removed by a professional, as this type of treatment is very hard to perform by yourself at home.

The good news, though, is that more and more garages are offering vehicle wraps as part of their everyday service, and usually, it takes just a matter of hours to have your car wrap applied. Contact your local car wrap provider today to find out about what they can do for you, and to personalise your car or lorry.

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