Famous Signs In Manchester

Manchester Road SignWhen people think about Manchester, there are probably a number of things they think about before signs dotted around the famous city. The football club, the popular soap Coronation Street and the famous nightclub the Hacienda are all things that spring to mind when Manchester is mentioned. What people do not tend to realise is that Manchester has got some amazing signage. Although there isn’t exactly anything that will rival the Hollywood any time soon, the city’s rich history and vibrant culture is hinted at through some great visual representation.

The “M for Manchester” sign on Irwell Bridge

The M for Manchester sign is one of the most famous symbols on show for people who are entering the city. Located near the Hilton tower, it has become a symbol of “modern Manchester”. Anyone entering the city from this particular route will see the colourful, yet understated sign. Erected in May 2010, it may not be a huge part of Manchester’s history, but it is certainly becoming a landmark unto itself. It may seem crazy how one little sign can cause so much controversy, but a lot of people do not like this installation as they feel that ‘their’ Manchester is being taken over and modernised. Regardless of how people feel about what it represents, it is still an amazing example of how designs that are basic can have a huge impact if they are put in the right place.

The Manchester City/Etihad Stadium Sign

Forget Manchester United. When it comes to signs in Manchester it is all about Manchester City’s shiny new Etihad Stadium. Although it was built back in 2002, the stadium has managed to keep its modern and breathtaking exterior. Unusually for a football stadium, the sponsor’s name is bigger than the clubs at the front entrance. Despite this, the front entrance really is something for any football fan to admire. If you are looking for an example of amazing signage in Manchester, this really is one of the most perfect places to look. The signage and the design of the front entrance make the walk up to the stadium exciting for any football fan – even if they are supporting the away team.

The Coronation Street Sign

So this one is cheating a bit, as you will have to take the Coronation Street tour if you want to see it. Still, Coronation Street is tied into Manchester as intrinsically as Eastenders is tied into London. The longest-running British soap is arguably one of the most famous things about Great Britain, and it certainly helped to put Manchester on the map when it started back in 1960. If you want to see the Coronation Street sign you will have to book yourself on the Coronation Street tour – but you won’t be disappointed. The tour gives you backstage access to the set and if you go on the right day you might even be lucky enough to meet some of the actors.

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