How Car Wrapping is Done

How Car Wrapping Is DoneCar wrapping is one of the quickest and most effective ways to change the appearance of any vehicle. It can be used to protect a current paint job, to advertise a business in eye-catching detail or simply to achieve a stunning finish. However, what are the exact processes associated with this seemingly magical transformation? Let’s take a closer look.

All About the Customer 

Any car wrap will first begin based around the needs of the customer. He or she will provide us with details in regards to the desired colours and any associated images or branding. These concepts are then digitally rendered before being created with a vinyl printer. Thanks to modern technology, the options and dimensions are virtually limitless.


Once these initial steps have been taken, some car parts such as door handles and logos will be removed. The surface is sufficiently cleaned and dried in order to make certain that no dust or dirt particles remain (they can cause imperfections in the wrap). Knife-less tape and primer are subsequently applied around the edges so that the vinyl can be removed without any damage occurring.

The Application Process 

This is the most crucial step, as achieving a realistic finish is essential. Separate wraps will be applied to each panel; ensuring that no seams are present and mimicking the appearance of a traditional paint job. Highly trained technicians will then smooth out all surfaces while keeping a keen eye out for small issues such as bubbles. Finally, any accessories such as ornamental fittings or car logos are put back into place. The wrap is then polished to a high sheen in order to achieve a factory-new appearance.

Quick, Stunning and Made to Last 

Not only can modern wraps utterly transform the appearance of any vehicle on the market, but they act as an extra layer of protection in terms of rust, scratches and everyday wear and tear. In other words, they will help to extend the lifespan of the vehicle itself. It therefore makes perfect sense to appreciate why the services offered by Signtech have proven to be so very popular throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Are you looking to encounter a professional provider of car wrapping in Manchester? We are always happy to provide you with further details or to schedule a meeting in order to better appreciate your needs and goals. Please give us a call!

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